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The fixed-rate lending dapp

Using individualized loans, lenders earn fixed interest rates while borrowers earn YLD for every loan they repay.

How to Earn with Yield

1 Create borrow request

Choose the asset and amount you want to borrow, interest rate, duration, and your collateral.

2 Wait to be funded

Once your request is created, wait for a lender to fund it. You can monitor its status from your Profile page.

3 Repay loan

Repay your loan before the term expires. Otherwise, your collateral could be seized and you won't be eligible to earn YLD.

4 Earn YLD

After repayment and a short waiting period, you will be able to claim your full YLD reward.

1 Create lending offer

Chose the asset and amount you want to lend, interest rate, and duration.

2 Wait to be accepted

Once your offer is created, wait for a borrower to accept it. You can monitor its status from your Profile page.

3 Wait for repayment

The borrower must repay before the term expires. Otherwise, your may seize their collateral, minus a 7% fee.

4 Earn interest

After repayment, your principal will be returned plus interest, paid in the same asset.

Live Protocol Stats

Total Value Loaned

Total Interest Earned

Total Rewards Earned

Fixed interest, never diluted.

On lending protocols that utilize pools, a depositor’s APY figures are determined by the ratio in value between deposits to borrows at any given time. This means that the rate of return will fluctuate from day to day and trend lower as the value of deposits rises against the value borrowed.

With Yield, users borrow and lend on an individual basis, meaning that each loan is its own contract to repay a specified amount before a specified date. This allows the borrower to know exactly how much they will have to repay, and the lender to know exactly what they will earn.

USDT Others 2.5% in 1 year(maybe) Yield 2.5% in 1 month Guaranteed.

Borrowers pay less while lenders earn more.

This is made possible by the YLD token. When a borrower takes a loan, they are eligible to receive a YLD reward after timely repayment which is shown on the offer before they accept it.

The chart below illustrates how a borrower’s net cost on Yield can be much lower than on other protocols after subtracting the value of their YLD reward. To keep it simple, the chart assumes that the price of YLD stays the same from the time the offer or request was created until the reward is claimed.

The YLD reward is determined at the time the lending offer or borrow request is created. That reward is roughly equal to the value of the interest minus 1%, but with a max limit. This means that the value of the reward, able to be claimed fully 10 days after the loan term expires, is subject to change as the price of YLD changes. The borrower may choose to sell the reward upon receiving it, or hold the reward so that they may be able to sell it at a higher price later on.

10K USDT INTEREST 5% REWARD 3.5 YLD COST $200 Yield Others 2.5% INTEREST REWARD $0 COST $250

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the YLD token?

Yield (YLD) is a standard ERC20 token with minting and burning functionality. Borrowers can earn YLD with every loan they repay on time. Lenders and borrowers that stake 50 YLD receive discounts on platform fees, lower loan liquidation ratios, and higher YLD rewards. All fees on the platform are used to buyback YLD from the open market and burn it.

How are the rates fixed?

Most DeFi lending apps use a pooled model where lenders and borrowers deposit funds into a giant pool. The rate is then some function of how much the pool is utilized which changes as people enter and leave.

There are no pools in Yield. Each loan stands on its own, individualized to the lender/borrower in that specific loan contract. No other entity in the system is relevant when determining a loan's rates. The rates are fixed when the loan is created.

How much YLD will I earn from repaying my loans?

The amount of YLD you can earn from repaying your loan is proportional to the principal requested and interest to be paid. It increases as either or both increase. This increase continues up to a cap which is paid in YLD and roughly equal to 4% of the loan's interest. The maximum YLD reward adjusts as the price of YLD changes.

What stops borrowers from instantly selling their earned YLD onto the market?

Nothing. However, as the earned amount tracks the principal and interest of the loan, smart borrowers would seek to sell what they've earned for more than they've spent on fees.

Additionally, 100% of fees are used to buy back and burn YLD from the open market, which helps to counteract any potential sell pressure.

What is The Garden?

The Garden is a liquidity incentivize program that was setup to help bring liquidity to the YLD token. YLD is not a liquidity mining token, it has real utility within the Yield dapp, but we decided to setup The Garden as a way to kick-start liquidity.

This program will not continue forever, but you can read more about how future Garden programs will be funded in this Medium article.
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